Q phone 2024 Get Immersed

Enjoy a wide range of 3D movies, as well as your personal 3D photos and 3D videos  with your new Q phone.

All in full immersive stereo 3D imaging. 

Q phone 2024

Designed for the way that we live in 21st century, Q phone is the only 3D high end cellphone that brings to the global mass market breaking through 3D innovative technology and relentless 3D entertainment contents ‘on the go’. It is loaded with the newest mobile technologies and features. Q phone projects crystal clear native ‘glasses-free’ 3D videos and photos. The state-of-the-art 6.5’’ native 3D screen, in combination with the innovative Q software revolutionize the mobile entertainment, as users enjoy around the clock and world, highly engaging real 3D content, without the need of any 3D glasses.

Q phone has innovative 3D Artifiicial Intelligent HD camera, that allows users to keep capturing relentlessly in true immersive 3D, their unique personal videos and photos. The fundamentally superior 3D imagery provides unique experiences to the end-user, as they can live again immersivity in true stereo 3D their memorable personal moments. A true revolution in the entertainment, social networking and gaming markets. 

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