If you are looking for activation events to brighten up and highly engage new audience, here are the IMMERSE 3D Shows. Empowered by Q ‘glasses-free’ 3D technologies and our 3D conversion Artificial Intelligence, we create exciting 3D new experience for distinguished guests in dazzling Red Carpet receptions. 

Immerse 3D Shows are distinguished in 3 major categories:

  1. 3D Content Commercial Activation. Organized in renowned Hotels in Cannes during the renowned Cannes Film Festival. It includes cocktail reception, 3D conversion of short movies, 3D showings on QTV 3D 65”. 
  2. IMAX 3D Movie Theatrical Release Activation. Organized in distinguished IMAX 3D Multiplex in Cannes. It includes elevated Red Carpet and cocktail reception event, Featured 3D Movie conversion, Avant Premiere 3D showings in IMAX 3D Theaters and first class media conference.
  3. 3D Gaming Shows. Immersive exciting shows with 3D gaming virtual Racing.
  4. Full Simulation 3D Shows. Highly engaging 3D shows with Full-Motion 3D Racing Simulator.

Featured IMMERSE 3D
Red Carpet Shows in Cannes

IMMERSE 3D Red Carpet Shows take place in world class Hotels in Cannes twice per year. IMMERSE 3D Shows to more cities to be announced. Please stay 3D tuned!

Featured IMMERSE 3D Shows

Meet The Hosts

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