Q phone 2024

glasses free 3-d technology / 3-d streaming / 3-d social 

Q phone model 2024, has been designed for the fast innovative way that we live in 21st century, Q Phone 2024 is the only 3-D high end cellphone that brings to
the global mass market breaking through 3-D innovative technology and relentless 3-D entertainment contents ‘on the go’. It is loaded with the newest mobile technologies and features. Q phone 2024 projects crystal clear native ‘glasses-free’ 3-D videos and photos. The state-of-the-art 6.4’’ native 3-D screen, in combination with its breaking through Q  Artificial Intelligence revolutionize the
mobile entertainment. Users across the world enjoy highly engaging real 3-D content, without the need of any 3-D glasses.

Q PHONE innovation

Q phone 2024 has innovative 3-D HD camera, that allows the users to keep capturing relentlessly in true immersive 3-D, unique personal videos and photos. The fundamentally superior 3-D imagery provides unique experiences to the end-user, as they can live again immersive in true stereo 3-D their memorable personal moments. A true revolution in the entertainment, social networking and gaming markets. Seamlessly, integrated with the OnQ 3-D streaming monetization ecosystem, Q phone users can share at lighting speeds their personal 3-D videos and photos with friends across the world, as well as keep enjoying professional 3-D movies from prime studios. Q phone 2024 exponential growing 3-D content, and gaming titles provide an exceptional advantage to movie and gaming studios to release their titles in true immersive native 3-D.




Q streaming broadcasts over the cloud native ‘glasses-free’ 3-D movies from all over the world. Q streaming is the only platform that streams highly immersive professional 3-D content to the exponential growing Q phone global 3-D user base.

Q social

Q phone has innovative 3-D HD camera, that allows its users to keep capturing in true immersive 3-D, personal 3-D  videos and photos. Q phone users are able to share in true immersive stereo 3-D their memorable personal 3-D videos and 3-D photos through multiple social media platforms at lighting speeds across the world,


Q Ai is Q phone’s revolutionary artificial intelligent technologies, that create the full stereo 3-D
imaging from monoscopic 2D footage.
Q Ai breakthrough technologies generate the highly immersive stereo 3-D imaging from monoscopic 2D, with ultra high precision.